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Ecobell, Couvre replacement

Looking for a Couvre replacement

We have had a lot of inquiries from people looking for a Couvre replacement,     So what is the best product to replace Couvre? There are many types of products you can use , Compress powder like Sevich   Maxi Brand Fidentia or Suzie’s Own.

    But if you are looking for a direct replacement discontinued brand Couvre then you’ll love using the Ecobell Scalp Concealing Masking Lotion

A waterproof, dry-touch formula with natural pigments conceals the scalp, resulting in hair that looks fuller and thicker Eliminates the contrast between hair and scalp.
Ecobell the Couvre equivalent scalp concealing Masking Lotion available in Black, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown is a hair concealer that makes hair look instantly thicker by eliminating the contrast between thinning hair and scalp. This product has now taken over from where Couvre left off

Ecobell-Scalp Concealing Masking Lotion directions

1. Comb dry or damp hair away from thinning area.
2. Apply a small amount of Ecobell Scalp Concealing Masking Lotion to the sponge applicator.
3. Dab onto scalp, blending into surrounding hair for a natural look.
4. Style as usual.
This is the best Couvre scalp concealing alternative on the market at present ideal for those suffering from Alopecia.


Alopecia & Hair Loss

Hair Loss Concealer and Hair Building Fibers For Alopecia and Baldness

Not really ready to adopt hair loss?

There are two forms of hair loss concealer. Both are abundant in Moisturizers, and the two are wildly used by Women and Men’s suffering from  hair loss, such as Alopecia & androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss ).

A product such as Sevich Scalp Concealer and Skin Care By Suzie Hair Loss Thickener is a colored, compressed Powder which covers bald sections, leaving a matte finish and a feeling of fullness and depth, even under bright lights and powerful sunlight.

Products such as  Ecobell Scalp Concealing Masking Lotion do exactly the identical task, but also come as a cream.  This product has become a direct replacement for Couvre Scalp Concealer which has bee discontinued. Waterproof, dry-touch formula with natural pigments conceals the scalp, resulting in hair that looks fuller and thicker Eliminates the contrast between hair and scalp. so hair looks thicker and fuller.

Hair construction fibers are microfibers that bond into your own hair with static electricity, which makes it seem fuller and more plentiful.

There are two kinds hair fibers natural keratin & synthetic , Keratin which Is the most important part of human hair and artificial fibers. Results will be the same whichever you select. Keratin fibers such as Sevich and Suzie’s Own Fibers are the best recommendation

Fibers are packed in a shaker container for simple application.
When to Utilize Concealer

If you do not intend to go hairless, and you do not desire others to notice You are balding, begin utilizing hair loss concealer the minute you observe your scalp through your own hair. Hair  fibers may be used rather than concealer at this phase, but concealer is not as costly in the long run and functions equally well.

Hair fibers create the presents of thicker hair. Use fibers Whenever there is to much hair loss for scalp concealers to work alone.
Which Color to Pick

Options Of color is somewhat limited, so pick a color near your own, and think of lightness and darkness rather than attempting to obtain a perfect fit.

Since scalp concealers is meant to create an impression of Thickness, make certain it’s either of the specific same level of shadow as your own hair or a bit darker.

A color too light would look unnatural.

Hair fibers need to be of Precisely the Exact Same level of darkness As your own hair. Much like hair loss concealer, if the fibers are not dark enough, the result will probably be powdery. If they’re too dark, the color will appear rough and too saturated to be organic.

If your hair is streaked or emphasized, use concealer and fibers at the exact same amount of darkness because your deepest hair.

Concealer and fibers can be found in white and gray. A combo of both, select according to a dominant color.

If you are balding at the crown, then comb your own hair back. If your temples and hairline are thinning, then make your barber or hairdresser to cut your own hair so it may be comb forward. With styling that is smart, you may even pull up hair from the sides to inconspicuously protect the temples.

You will obviously need to soften the provided sponge applicator before Employing a water triggered product, but you are going to find a better finish if you do exactly the same as using a cream. Do not literally wet the sponge; it must just be somewhat moist.

Concealer is more readily applied to wet hair, but that can Lead to a Dull, chalky look. If you discover this to be the situation, apply to dry hair.

To disguise thinning hair in the front of the hairline and in the Temples, use concealer from underneath your hairline at which you have lots of hair and mix with rapid, short strokes in most directions. Blending in front should fade from where your hairline starts.

If you are thinning on top or towards the back, mix from the Center of the hairless area in all directions and to the warmer encircling hair.

You are going to need an excess hand mirror to find out what you are doing.

It is recommended for you to use hair building fibers together with hair loss concealer. In so doing, you will have the ability to use fewer fibers, which provides more natural-looking outcomes.

So that the fibers bond into your own hair, shake the container prior to use to create static electricity.

Instead of just sprinkling, maintain the container upside down on your own Head and tap on the bottom very gently. This way you’ll have more control on how much product that you employ –a lot of will make your hair appear matted and unnatural.
Add a lesser quantity into the surrounding hair. Wipe debris away which land in your brow using a cotton pad.

Regardless of static power, the fibers still require adjusting with Hairspray or even a spray-on gel. Spray from a reasonable distance or you will burst away the fibers.

If your design needs adjusting after spraying, then take action before the spray places with your fingers.

Products Discussed in this article:

Sevich Hair Loss System
Skin Care By Suzie’s Own Hair Loss Concealer & Fibers
Ecobell Scalp Concealing Masking Lotion

Other Hair Loss Concealers

Maxi Professional Topical Shaders & Maxi Stick – Hair Loss Concealer/Shader
Compressed Powder & Color Stick

Fidentia Hair Loss Concealers & FibersCompressed Powder & Hair Fibers

Women’s Hair Loss, and How It Can Affect You

Women’s Hair Loss, and How It Can Affect You

, and they will invest in whichever products are necessary to achieve it. Unfortunately, many women do experience hair loss at some point in their lives, which can cause real psychological damage for those it affects. A women’s hair is very important to her, and seeing it lessen over time can be traumatic to anyone.

If you’ve started to experience hair loss yourself, you may be wondering what the cause for it may be, and if there’s any way to reverse it. There are a number of causes that can lead to hair loss, and it could be difficult to pin down the issue without background knowledge of hair loss instances in your family. If any of the women in your biological family have experienced hair loss, it could simply be genetic – however the exact cause could be a number of things. For example, your thyroid may be underactive, causing you to experience hair loss and weight gain. This can be passed down genetically, or it could be an isolated case; whatever the cause may be, there are treatments to help ease the symptoms of an underactive thyroid. Stress is also a considerable cause for your hair loss, with major life events such as divorce showing higher rates of hair loss in those who go through it. If you’ve experienced traumatic events in your life, these could be the culprits as well.

Once you’ve determined the cause of your hair loss (if you can), you can begin to seek treatment and start to come to terms with what hair loss can mean for you. The first thing you need to tell yourself is that you are not alone: over 30 million American women experience hair loss each year, and many of the other women you know are experiencing it too. If there are treatments which can reverse it in your case, pursue them; if there are no treatments for the cause of your hair loss, recognize that there is no need to panic, and start to consider your other options.

One of the first treatments many women try is taking certain vitamins which are targeted at encouraging hair growth, such as biotin. Other women try hair regrowth serums, which work in many cases but is not a for-sure treatment, as results typically vary between those who use them. If you’ve tried a number of vitamins and regrowth therapies and you’re seeing no results, there are still a number of other options which could work for you. If you have money to invest in a long-term solution, you may want to consider a hair transplant. However, these can cost upwards of $5000, and results vary between patients. For those seeking an effective and affordable way to treat hair loss, Skin Care By Suzie offers several options which have been proven to reduce the look of lost hair, as well has to build hair fibers which can effectively reverse hair loss over time. One of their top products for those looking to disguise hair loss is Fabulan’s Topical Shader Hair Loss Concealer & Thickener, which not only disguises bald spots, but helps to thicken the hair around them. In addition, Skin Care By Suzie offers SEVICH Hair Building Fibers, a-which contains organic Keratin Protein – the proteins which make up your hair. This product add color matching fibers to give hair a thicker appearance , helping to reduce the effects of hair loss.

If you’re feeling discouraged because of your hair loss, do not let it overcome you. Whatever the reason for it may be, there are treatments available to help reduce and reverse the effects of hair loss, which can help you regain your confidence over time.

Suzie Burnham. Esthetician Skin Care By Suzie,

Solutions for Thinning Eyebrows

Solutions for Thinning Eyebrows

Historically speaking, hair loss has typically been more of an issue for men than women; over 50% of men experience alopecia (hair loss or balding) at some point in their lives, however what most people misunderstand is that women also experience high rates of hair loss, with over 40% of forty year old women and older stating that they have hair loss either on their head or on other parts of their body. One place in particular where hair loss is primarily an issue for women are the eyebrows, as many women will experience thinning eyebrows at some point in their lives. However, due to advancements in beauty technology, there are now three main solutions to thinning eyebrows:

  1. Permanent Makeup Fill-Ins

With new innovations in permanent makeup technology, it is now possible to receive a cosmetic tattoo over thinning eyebrows to give them the appearance of being fuller while still looking natural. These cosmetic tattoos are done with a special kind of tattoo needle and anesthetic which make the process relatively pain free, and within two to three weeks, the patient’s new eyebrows will be permanently healed and looking natural again.

This solution is ideal for those who are accustomed to filling in the their brows regularly with makeup, but who would like a more permanent solution to the problem. Cosmetic tattoo artists are highly trained at performing these types of tattoos, and can be trusted to deliver a good experience.

  1. Brow Building Fibers

If you are looking for an even more natural looking solution to thinning eyebrows, you may want to consider Skin Care By Suzie’s unique Brow Building Fibers set, which effectively allows you to build and shape your own eyebrows. When your brows begin to thin, this product very efficiently allows you to give your eyebrows a fuller, thicker appearance. Skin Care By Suzie’s brow building fiber set comes as a 3-piece kit which includes brow wax, brow building fibers, and a dual-ended brush. The fibers themselves work by attaching to the brows, thereby filling in empty patches of the eyebrow. The wax is then used to easily shape the brow fibers to look as full and natural as possible. Skin Care By Suzie’s brow building fibers are essentially mascara for your eyebrows, with easily and effectively reduce the appearance of thinning brows.

  1. Universal Brow Definer

Also available from Skin Care By Suzie, a revolutionary new eyebrow pen now allows you to use this neutral colored formula to match the color of your hair follicles exactly. How? By reading the pH of your hair follicle, this brow definer will work like a chameleon to match the color of your brows. By doing this, it is much easier to use this pencil to fill in brows, as there is no worry that it may not match your brow color right. Skincare by Suzie’s Universal Brow Definer has been recommended by the American Journal of Esthetic Medicine, with them stating that it is the best visual replacement for thinning brows.

Thinning eyebrows may be frustrating, but they don’t have to get the best of you. Simple solutions like the one’s available from Skincare by Suzie are all you need to transform your eyebrows from thinning to lush and full once again.

Written by Suzie Burnham of

Suzie Burnham professional Esthetician 25 Years Certified member of Society Of Permanent Cosmetics . Providing in Spa treatments as well as online recommendations for skin care problems and needs.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Growing Therapy

The Benefits of Laser Hair Growing Therapy

Hair loss is a problem for millions of men and women around the world, and many are seeking a solution. Many people believe they need to resort to a hair transplant to solve their thinning hair, however there is an innovative, non-surgical approach to resolving hair problems, and it’s called Laser Hair Growing Therapy.

What is Lase Hair Growing Therapy?

As stated, Laser Hair Growing Therapy is a non-surgical approach to resolving thinning hair and hair loss. The process works by putting on a specialized Laser Hair Regrowth Cap, which uses hundreds of low-energy lasers to treat hair loss in men and women. The lasers work to increases blood flow to the scalp, which encourages hair growth for those wearing the Laser Hair Regrowth Baseball Cap. The process involves no pain, and can be done while reading or watching television.

How Can I Benefit from Laser Hair Growing Therapy?

Laser Hair Growing Therapy provides many benefits for those choosing to use it. During just one session, the Laser Hair Regrowth Baseball Cap increases blood supply to the wearer’s scalp by about 54 percent, making it incredibly effective after just one treatment. Not only does Laser Hair Growing Therapy stop the progression of hair loss, it also promotes thicker, fuller, healthier hair in those who use it, meaning that it can benefit even those without hair loss. It can also repair damage done by chemicals used in a salon and in other hair products, meaning that those with bleached or damaged hair from salon treatments can use the Laser Hair Regrowth Cap not just to stop the progression of hair loss, but to repair hair which is already damaged and in need of a pick-up.

Unlike other treatments, the Laser Hair Regrowth Baseball Cap, available from Skin Care by Suzie, has its own unique benefits. This system can be used in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for visits to a clinic to undergo Laser Hair Growing Therapy, making it one of the most convenient methods to stop hair loss in its tracks, as well as promote thicker, healthier, shinier hair. The Laser Hair Regrowth Cap can be inserted into any hat of your own, or it can be worn by itself. The cap is portable and can be worn anywhere, as it is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery pack, meaning that not only can you undergo one of the most effective methods of reversing hair loss in your own home, you can also do your treatments while you do other tasks.

The Laser Hair Regrowth Cap from Skin Care by Suzie is considered the most effective and convenient at-home laser hair regrowth device available, and is proven to be safe and effective. The unit is known to last for many years, making its price tag worth the investment. By using Laser Hair Growing Therapy, which is said to work in over 80 percent of those using this system, you can avoid botched hair transplants, at about half the cost of a surgical hair loss procedure.

By investing in the Laser Hair Regrowth Cap from Skin Care by Suzie, you can save yourself hours of time, dozens of trips to a clinic, and thousands of dollars. With Laser Hair Growing Therapy, you can avoid ineffective, expensive creams, as well as any surgical procedures. Considered by experts to be the most effective, most cost efficient way to reduce hair loss and promote the growth of healthy, thick hair, Laser Hair Growing Therapy is the perfect solution for men and women looking to stop hair loss in its tracks.

Portable High Frequency Skin Care By Suzie

How Portable High Frequency is the Ultimate Answer to all Your Skin Worries

How Portable High Frequency is the Ultimate Answer to all Your Skin Worries

If there is a non surgical method to treat acne and pimples, skin irritation or wrinkles, then it is the high frequency electrolysis. The results are at par with any surgical procedure and that too without going under the knife. That’s the beauty of this procedure. Researches have proven that when we apply low current with very high frequency as an example more than 100000 Hz, a high level of relief from the skin disorders such as irritation, acne and pimples, wrinkles, is achieved. High frequency electrolysis works by heating the deep tissues of our skin thereby causing our muscles to relax. The important thing to remember here is that the current should be very low, although the products from reputable companies take care of this. Their devices are designed in such a manner so that they only apply a very low current with a very high frequency. One of the promising products, we have seen is Portable High Frequency by Skin Care by Suzie. The little device really works and delivers what it promises.

As we already mentioned that the only risk of using the high frequency electrolysis, is high current. That’s why we recommended Portable High Frequency, because it handles this issue very effectively and is completely safe. If used correctly, the benefits are endless. Apart from the benefits that we listed above; high frequency electrolysis can effectively kills bacteria and viruses and it can even heal wounds, promote hair growth and treat conditions like prostate and gingivitis. This little device is really a breakthrough in skin care science, the side effects are almost zero and benefits are tremendous. It really eliminates the need to undergo any surgical procedures for skin disorders. The options that Portable High Frequency by Skin Care by Suzie offers are really awesome, no matter what your skin type is and what the skin disorder is, you can modify this little machine to suit your needs.

The various options that Portable High Frequency offers are suitable for dry skin as well as oily skin. The techniques that they have explained about how to use this machine are really terrific. The procedures are explained very clearly and depend on the type of your skin and the disorder that you are suffering from. Now that’s some good news for all the beauty conscious people out there. Because we are not only getting this wonderful beauty equipment that’s really effective but we can also mould it according to our needs. We don’t remember that any beauty equipment or product has gone this far in the history of beauty and healthcare industry.  There are various operational principals that this machine provides, namely indirect method for aging and dry skin, direct method for dry skin, sparkle method for the treatment of wounds and there is hair care method also to stimulate the hair growth on a given area. In short, this marvelous piece of equipment from skin care by Suzie is a must buy for everyone who wants youthful and blemishes free skin.