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Truths and Myths in Skin Care

Truths and Myths in Skin Care …
This article is written by Jim Knut Larsson, President and Founder of Knutek.
I have found through the many years I have been in the beauty industry that so much of what is claimed are myths if not straight out lies so I have found it necessary to write this article to identify the most obvious truths and myths:
Fundamental principles that have been proven scientifically:
If a cream, serum or ingredient is not a nano formulation (less than 800 nano meter particle size) and/or does not have a carrierin them, only trace amount of the actives will penetrate through the skin barrier with minuscule results!
All of Knutek’s products have been formulated either as nano serums (Knutek is the only skin care manufacturer on the planet that are using nano technology to produce skin care products) and/or with a carrier for maximum penetration and effectiveness!
As an example, we are using MSM as a carrier to open up the skin barrier.

The function of MSM. Ref. Harry’s Cosmeticology, the “bible” in cosmetic chemistry:

“Certain solvents, of which DMSO (MSM) is the most potent, not only penetrate rapidly, but greatly enhance the penetration of substances dissolved in them!”

In other words, MSM opens the skin barrier and allows for much deeper penetration of other active ingredients.

MSM (Organic Sulfur, aka the “beauty mineral”) is also an  Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial, Healing Agent and is responsible to form the flexible link between cells.

In other words, MSM feeds the formation of collagen and elastin for a reduction in lines and wrinkles.

Consequently, MSM enhances tissue pliability and encourages the repair of damaged skin. 
Does moisturizer creams reduce lines and wrinkles?
Yes or no, by far most skin care companies when they claim a “20%” reduction in lines and wrinkles are referring to the fill-up of pores and plumping up of the skin with moisturizing ingredients. This does not cause any real reduction in lines and wrinkles as they will reappear within 48 hours after you stop using the cream. Hence, most moisturizing creams are not treatments but just temporary cosmetics.

In order to really reduce lines and wrinkles, the cream must have scientifically proven ingredients that will stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin and be a nano serum and/or to be dissolved in a carrier, see above!
In order to remove lines and wrinkles you need to challenge the skin like you challenge muscles at the gym. The great breakthrough I had was to create protocols and products that will exercise the skin like you exercise a muscle to cause reduction in lines and wrinkles for a great beautification of the skin. It is called “Dermacycling™”.

You will cycle the skin through a challenge (“trauma”) phase for 4 weeks and a “Healing and Nourishing” face for 4 weeks and then start the cycle again.

During the “trauma” phase you would do “MicrodermaPeel” facials using microdermabrasion and Glycolic Acid (8% in creams used daily by client, “Alpha” creams produced by Knutek) to gently remove top layers of skin in order to trigger the healing mechanism for the body and to produce stem cells to grow back new skin during the “Healing and Nourishing” phase.

This will cause a great beautification of the skin over an eight week cycle!
Glycolic Acid has been proven to stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin to remove lines and wrinkles, you will find Glycolic Acid and MSM in the Alpha + MSM and in the Alpha-Pep Creams with peptides from Knutek!
Glycolic Acid is superior to Retinol in skin care, take cod liver oil daily to provide the skin and body with vitamin A!

Putting dead stem cells on the skin will do absolutely nothing to the skin as it will have no action!
Plant derived growth factors  are only functional in plants and have no action in skin care!
Copper was tested in England to have very little action. In fact, researchers found that it would speed up the aging process!
Putting dead collagen on the skin have no action at all for two reasons: 1. It is dead, 2. the collagen molecule is too big to even penetrate the skin barrier! Collagen is also extracted from animal tissue!
There is no such thing as “organic” skin care! What is that? “Organic” can only be used for food produce as it means that the produce was grown without pesticides and herbicides.

The only thing we can talk about in skin care is whether ingredients are derived from plants or not.

The fact that an ingredient is extracted from a plant does not mean that it is good for the skin. Actually, it could be highly poisonous and damaging to skin! What is important is the ingredient’s benefit to the skin whether it is plant derived or not. (Also see
Non-surgical facelifts can only be done effectively by using electrical and light stimulation in order to reach deep tissues and to re-educate the underlying muscle. No topical would be able to lift the face, however, a topical may tighten the skin with some result!
Ultrasound and Radio Frequency machines tighten the skin and remove fat tissue and are not as effective as Microcurrent/LED Light machines to perform non-surgical facelifts. However, they work great together for great results!
Knutek has some of the best machines on the market to perform these protocols!
Acid Peels can destroy the sweat glands, sebaceous glands and the melanin on your face. Now, your skin and flesh on your face can no longer get rid of waste that will cause a toxic build up in the lower layers of the skin causing premature aging and bumps.
Some estheticians at my workshops have been complaining about having “active skin” with bumps underneath the skin they cannot get rid of. I always asks; “have you done acid peels?” the answer is always yes!
Destruction of melanin as the “machine” in the skin that produces electricity through photosynthesis and provides protection for the skin from burn and, vitamin D that is produced from UVB radiation and cholesterol, causes devastation of the cells and opens the body for cancer and osteoporosis!
The number one rule in skin care is “Do No Harm”!
The most common causes of oily and dry skin is the use of formulations designed for oily and dry skin! A formula for dry skin is to add oil to the skin.

This will shut down the production of sebum as the natural conditioner of the skin.

So, underneath all that oil the skin becomes drier and drier and vice versa with formulations for oily skin that will remove the oils and stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

This sets up a vicious cycle for the client where the product they are using is the cause of their problem.

Sebum also provides the skin with an acid mantel to prevent bacteria to enter into the skin and body. The release of sebum from the glands also helps to clean the pores.
Knutek’s products are designed to bring the sebaceous glands back into balance and work the way nature intended.
Exfoliation may be the most important basic step in skin care. Exfoliation prunes the skin like pruning a plant and allow all the nourishment to go to the new skin cells and it speeds up the skin renewal process.

How can you put a cream or serum on the face without doing the exfoliation?

Without the exfoliation, the cream will slow down the skin renewal process and cause premature aging to the skin.
Knutek has the Omega Peel, an incredible product that does exfoliation and extraction in one step and it makes the skin Brighter, Smoother and Silkier in 90 seconds!
Oxygen and ATP are the ingredients that combine in the “Krebs” cycle into the mitochondria to provide the energy to the cell and, in turn, to the body!

Knutek is the only company in the world with the nano serum Oxygen Plasma that delivers oxygen to the cells.

Microcurrent increases the ATP in the cells with more than 500%. This combination has a huge impact in reducing the age of the body and skin as more energy is released into the cells and the body!
The SPF factor was introduced by Hawaiian Tropics in the sixties as a way for tourists coming to Hawaii to know that they could be out in the Sun for 30 minutes (SPF 30) around noon without getting a burn!

The SPF factor only tells you how effective the cream is to prevent UVB radiation to hit the skin. However, UVB radiation does not give you lines and wrinkles.

UVA radiation is what gives you lines and wrinkles, so there is no relationship to the SPF factor with regards to preventing lines and wrinkles!

What you need is protection from UVA which also penetrates through windows and cloud cover.
Knutek introduced UVAPRO to protect the skin from UVA but to allow UVB as UVB is needed for the formation of vitamin D and to stimulate the melanin to produce electricity!
Science has now proven that 30 minutes of UVB (Burning) sun exposure per day is essential to vaccinate the skin against skin cancer and to avoid softening of bone tissue (osteoporosis) due to Vitamin D deficiency.
“Rickets Disease”, “Osteoporosis”, “Multiple Sclerosis” and certain forms of Cancers can be caused by lack of sun exposure (UVB radiation) and the resulting lack of vitamin D from the daily usage of traditional “Sun Blocks”!

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Women’s Hair Loss, and How It Can Affect You

Women’s Hair Loss, and How It Can Affect You

, and they will invest in whichever products are necessary to achieve it. Unfortunately, many women do experience hair loss at some point in their lives, which can cause real psychological damage for those it affects. A women’s hair is very important to her, and seeing it lessen over time can be traumatic to anyone.

If you’ve started to experience hair loss yourself, you may be wondering what the cause for it may be, and if there’s any way to reverse it. There are a number of causes that can lead to hair loss, and it could be difficult to pin down the issue without background knowledge of hair loss instances in your family. If any of the women in your biological family have experienced hair loss, it could simply be genetic – however the exact cause could be a number of things. For example, your thyroid may be underactive, causing you to experience hair loss and weight gain. This can be passed down genetically, or it could be an isolated case; whatever the cause may be, there are treatments to help ease the symptoms of an underactive thyroid. Stress is also a considerable cause for your hair loss, with major life events such as divorce showing higher rates of hair loss in those who go through it. If you’ve experienced traumatic events in your life, these could be the culprits as well.

Once you’ve determined the cause of your hair loss (if you can), you can begin to seek treatment and start to come to terms with what hair loss can mean for you. The first thing you need to tell yourself is that you are not alone: over 30 million American women experience hair loss each year, and many of the other women you know are experiencing it too. If there are treatments which can reverse it in your case, pursue them; if there are no treatments for the cause of your hair loss, recognize that there is no need to panic, and start to consider your other options.

One of the first treatments many women try is taking certain vitamins which are targeted at encouraging hair growth, such as biotin. Other women try hair regrowth serums, which work in many cases but is not a for-sure treatment, as results typically vary between those who use them. If you’ve tried a number of vitamins and regrowth therapies and you’re seeing no results, there are still a number of other options which could work for you. If you have money to invest in a long-term solution, you may want to consider a hair transplant. However, these can cost upwards of $5000, and results vary between patients. For those seeking an effective and affordable way to treat hair loss, Skin Care By Suzie offers several options which have been proven to reduce the look of lost hair, as well has to build hair fibers which can effectively reverse hair loss over time. One of their top products for those looking to disguise hair loss is Fabulan’s Topical Shader Hair Loss Concealer & Thickener, which not only disguises bald spots, but helps to thicken the hair around them. In addition, Skin Care By Suzie offers SEVICH Hair Building Fibers, a-which contains organic Keratin Protein – the proteins which make up your hair. This product add color matching fibers to give hair a thicker appearance , helping to reduce the effects of hair loss.

If you’re feeling discouraged because of your hair loss, do not let it overcome you. Whatever the reason for it may be, there are treatments available to help reduce and reverse the effects of hair loss, which can help you regain your confidence over time.

Suzie Burnham. Esthetician Skin Care By Suzie,

kNutek Products

MSM & Skin Care

MSM & Skin Care

In the past decade, a small group of highly beneficial “superfoods” have become popular not only for their long lasting health benefits, but for the skin benefits they provide as well. Foods such as cabbage and broccoli are two well-known superfoods that have been shown to soften skin while also keeping it hydrated and healthy. The reason behind this is a result of the presence of MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) in these foods, which can also be found in a small selection of meats and other produce.

MSM is an organic sulfur compound found only in the very healthiest of foods, meaning that many of us do not get enough of it in our diets. Luckily, the effects of MSM can be felt through the use of topical treatments, such as those by kNutek, meaning that you too can enjoy soft, hydrated skin without changing your diet to accommodate more superfoods.

What can MSM do for you?

When applied topically, MSM has the ability to penetrate multiple layers of skin, allowing it to deeply and thoroughly soften and heal skin. MSM is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, meaning that it is an excellent solution to eczema, psoriasis, acne, and other inflammatory skin diseases. In addition, this useful nutrient also repairs skin legions, which can lead to visibly reduced scarring, as well as quickly healing wounds.

One key feature of MSM that makes it such a miracle for skin is the transformation it puts skin cells through. When MSM comes in contact with skin cells, they become far more absorbent, meaning that they can more effectively absorb and trap hydration, leading to brighter, softer skin.

For those with uneven skin tones or age spots, MSM can also work wonders for you. Many users have reported a reduced number of age spots and hyperpigmentation after regular use of MSM topical treatments, such as those from kNutek.

How can I get the most out of MSM?

The best way to incorporate MSM into your daily beauty routine is through the use of one of kNutek’s highly effective MSM treatments. Available in plasma, serum, toner, cream, cleanser, lotion, as well as in a variety of facemasks, you are sure to find the right MSM solution for you skin after taking a look at kNutek’s Skin Care line available at Skincare by Suzie carries only the best in skin care products, offering a wide array of MSM topical treatments which are sure to give you soften, brighter skin with regular use. Whether you prefer a relaxing MSM face mask at the end of a long day, or highly effective 100 percent Oxygen Plasma solution, with Skincare by Suzie and kNutek’s innovative MSM products, you can start your journey to a brighter looking you.

Suzie Burnham

Solutions for Thinning Eyebrows

Solutions for Thinning Eyebrows

Historically speaking, hair loss has typically been more of an issue for men than women; over 50% of men experience alopecia (hair loss or balding) at some point in their lives, however what most people misunderstand is that women also experience high rates of hair loss, with over 40% of forty year old women and older stating that they have hair loss either on their head or on other parts of their body. One place in particular where hair loss is primarily an issue for women are the eyebrows, as many women will experience thinning eyebrows at some point in their lives. However, due to advancements in beauty technology, there are now three main solutions to thinning eyebrows:

  1. Permanent Makeup Fill-Ins

With new innovations in permanent makeup technology, it is now possible to receive a cosmetic tattoo over thinning eyebrows to give them the appearance of being fuller while still looking natural. These cosmetic tattoos are done with a special kind of tattoo needle and anesthetic which make the process relatively pain free, and within two to three weeks, the patient’s new eyebrows will be permanently healed and looking natural again.

This solution is ideal for those who are accustomed to filling in the their brows regularly with makeup, but who would like a more permanent solution to the problem. Cosmetic tattoo artists are highly trained at performing these types of tattoos, and can be trusted to deliver a good experience.

  1. Brow Building Fibers

If you are looking for an even more natural looking solution to thinning eyebrows, you may want to consider Skin Care By Suzie’s unique Brow Building Fibers set, which effectively allows you to build and shape your own eyebrows. When your brows begin to thin, this product very efficiently allows you to give your eyebrows a fuller, thicker appearance. Skin Care By Suzie’s brow building fiber set comes as a 3-piece kit which includes brow wax, brow building fibers, and a dual-ended brush. The fibers themselves work by attaching to the brows, thereby filling in empty patches of the eyebrow. The wax is then used to easily shape the brow fibers to look as full and natural as possible. Skin Care By Suzie’s brow building fibers are essentially mascara for your eyebrows, with easily and effectively reduce the appearance of thinning brows.

  1. Universal Brow Definer

Also available from Skin Care By Suzie, a revolutionary new eyebrow pen now allows you to use this neutral colored formula to match the color of your hair follicles exactly. How? By reading the pH of your hair follicle, this brow definer will work like a chameleon to match the color of your brows. By doing this, it is much easier to use this pencil to fill in brows, as there is no worry that it may not match your brow color right. Skincare by Suzie’s Universal Brow Definer has been recommended by the American Journal of Esthetic Medicine, with them stating that it is the best visual replacement for thinning brows.

Thinning eyebrows may be frustrating, but they don’t have to get the best of you. Simple solutions like the one’s available from Skincare by Suzie are all you need to transform your eyebrows from thinning to lush and full once again.

Written by Suzie Burnham of

Suzie Burnham professional Esthetician 25 Years Certified member of Society Of Permanent Cosmetics . Providing in Spa treatments as well as online recommendations for skin care problems and needs.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Growing Therapy

The Benefits of Laser Hair Growing Therapy

Hair loss is a problem for millions of men and women around the world, and many are seeking a solution. Many people believe they need to resort to a hair transplant to solve their thinning hair, however there is an innovative, non-surgical approach to resolving hair problems, and it’s called Laser Hair Growing Therapy.

What is Lase Hair Growing Therapy?

As stated, Laser Hair Growing Therapy is a non-surgical approach to resolving thinning hair and hair loss. The process works by putting on a specialized Laser Hair Regrowth Cap, which uses hundreds of low-energy lasers to treat hair loss in men and women. The lasers work to increases blood flow to the scalp, which encourages hair growth for those wearing the Laser Hair Regrowth Baseball Cap. The process involves no pain, and can be done while reading or watching television.

How Can I Benefit from Laser Hair Growing Therapy?

Laser Hair Growing Therapy provides many benefits for those choosing to use it. During just one session, the Laser Hair Regrowth Baseball Cap increases blood supply to the wearer’s scalp by about 54 percent, making it incredibly effective after just one treatment. Not only does Laser Hair Growing Therapy stop the progression of hair loss, it also promotes thicker, fuller, healthier hair in those who use it, meaning that it can benefit even those without hair loss. It can also repair damage done by chemicals used in a salon and in other hair products, meaning that those with bleached or damaged hair from salon treatments can use the Laser Hair Regrowth Cap not just to stop the progression of hair loss, but to repair hair which is already damaged and in need of a pick-up.

Unlike other treatments, the Laser Hair Regrowth Baseball Cap, available from Skin Care by Suzie, has its own unique benefits. This system can be used in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for visits to a clinic to undergo Laser Hair Growing Therapy, making it one of the most convenient methods to stop hair loss in its tracks, as well as promote thicker, healthier, shinier hair. The Laser Hair Regrowth Cap can be inserted into any hat of your own, or it can be worn by itself. The cap is portable and can be worn anywhere, as it is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery pack, meaning that not only can you undergo one of the most effective methods of reversing hair loss in your own home, you can also do your treatments while you do other tasks.

The Laser Hair Regrowth Cap from Skin Care by Suzie is considered the most effective and convenient at-home laser hair regrowth device available, and is proven to be safe and effective. The unit is known to last for many years, making its price tag worth the investment. By using Laser Hair Growing Therapy, which is said to work in over 80 percent of those using this system, you can avoid botched hair transplants, at about half the cost of a surgical hair loss procedure.

By investing in the Laser Hair Regrowth Cap from Skin Care by Suzie, you can save yourself hours of time, dozens of trips to a clinic, and thousands of dollars. With Laser Hair Growing Therapy, you can avoid ineffective, expensive creams, as well as any surgical procedures. Considered by experts to be the most effective, most cost efficient way to reduce hair loss and promote the growth of healthy, thick hair, Laser Hair Growing Therapy is the perfect solution for men and women looking to stop hair loss in its tracks.

Activated charcoal benefits

As technology and the human society evolves, we are trying to find more ways to stay healthier, be it through changing diet or our lifestyle. One of the substances that has recently emerged as being very helpful in this situation, for both our skin and body is activated charcoal.

What is activated charcoal?

The activated charcoal is basically normal charcoal that has been processed for medical use only. In order to obtain activated charcoal, normal charcoal is heated with the help of a gas. During this process, activated charcoal will expand, remove the toxins and provide a natural product that you can use to obtain a wide range of benefits.

Activated charcoal benefits

One of the main uses for activated charcoal comes from the fact that it can help you remove toxins like DDT, mercury and even some pharmaceutical drugs. Thanks to it, you can be much healthier and remove those unpleasant situations when you’re just not feeling that well to begin with.

In addition, activated charcoal can do wonders if you use it for impurities removal, for example with the Black Head Removal Mask. The activated charcoal has a very positive effect when it comes to improving the overall skin health, mainly because it removes all those toxins and just leaves your skin to breathe freely.

The activated charcoal is also known to reduce problems created by acne, and in some situations it’s actually able to remove this issue completely. This is a product that has a very good absorption power and which successfully manages to draw all the impurities from your skin, while also healing it at the same time.

On top of that, activated charcoal does a great job when it comes to maintaining the current skin quality and it also encourages inflammation reduction. This is a very important feature, as it leads to a great prevention of premature aging.

Thanks to activated charcoal, you can also tighten the pores and ensure that your skin will be a lot smoother. This leads to better results and in the end your skin will become a lot softer. Activated charcoal does more than just encourage skin health, instead it manages to promote and maintain it for a very long time, with some very impressive results at all times.

Benefits of using an activated charcoal mask

As you can see, with the help of activated charcoal you can breathe new life into your skin! By purchasing an activated charcoal mask you will have the opportunity to successfully clean the debris and dirt from your face, remove any oil spots or black heads, not to mention that you can also maintain the smoothness of your skin at the same time.

In summary, activated charcoal is a great solution if you want to maintain your skin and body healthy! Using an activated charcoal mask is definitely a great investment into your skin health, so don’t hesitate and instead get your own right away to take full advantage of all these astounding benefits!

Skin Care By Suzie