Enter To Win 7 Color LED Facial Mask!

Enter to win led facial mask

Contest ends 04/01/2018

Create an account or log in at SkinCareBySuzie.com

Once inside your account click the “Enter To Win” link

Just fill out our entry form for a chance to will win 1 of 3 LED facial mask.  These mask have a retail value of $150.

  • Winners will be notified by email.
  • 1 entry per person or per email

7-Color LED Mask: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Cyan, Dark Purple, Light Blue 

Using the principle of varying wavelengths, LED Photon mask therapy uses seven different colors when penetrating your pores to help promote cell metabolism. This is a basic solution to treating skin aging issues, improving blood circulation, skin complexion, and collagen production as well as achieving whitening and breakout control. Each of the different wavelengths has an effect that will handle a different skin problem.



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